Wednesday, October 7, 2020

What Exactly Is a Nutritional DNA Test?

For 15 years, Chad Price has launched and co-founded a number of ventures, including the NC-based Mako Medical Laboratories. The award-winning healthcare firm established in 2014 focuses on healthcare technologies, pharmacy services, and laboratory services. Managing strategic partnerships at Mako Medical Laboratories, Chad Price has expanded the firm’s services to include nutritional DNA programs for sports teams, including tests.

DNA tests have evolved and some can now help users gear their diets toward nutrition that will support optimal health. These tests use a person’s own DNA as a guide for what to eat and what to avoid.

Tests can vary depending on the manufacturer, but most can provide users with certain information. They can identify users’ food sensitivities, for example sensitivities to alcohol and caffeine. These tests also provide information as to what a person’s genes says about their ability to metabolize certain fats and how genes impact metabolism, sugar cravings, and other determinants of weight loss.

Finally, some might also provide information related to the body’s ability to absorb vitamins. Some tests can delve a little deeper into matters affecting body composition, such as determining how genes impact weight gain and loss.

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